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Point your toes! (Future stage mom)

One of the ways I earned my title as CKO (Chief Kwitter Officer) was as a kid with sports. It all started at the ripe young age of 6 when I won first place at City Meet in the backstroke. That would be my last race. Then after taking gymnastics classes since I was 3, they asked me to join the team and compete. Uneven parallel bars were my jam and I took home a few blue ribbons…then I kwit. There was basketball, cheerleading and the dance team to follow. All things at which I was pretty decent  (ok maybe not basketball), but I just did not enjoy enough for the amount of commitment required. My biggest regret out of ALL these is gymnastics. Which is why I am SO glad Rad started this year and LOVES it!! I have NO problem admitting that I plan to live vicariously through her and REFUSE to let her quit.

Eat. Drink. Be Boolie.

Even through all of the stops and starts (anyone else start singing Peter Cetera  and Cher After All??)I stayed pretty active and was small, I but didn’t have an athlete’s physique. My love of junk food prevented any muscles from popping up. Then my freshman year of college after a breakup, I gained 30 lbs!!! Literally from spring break until the end of the year, 2 MONTHS, it looked like someone stuck an air pump up my a**. Eating fast food 4 times a day, drinking Barq’s Root Beer, and snacking on Hot Pockets at midnight finally caught up with me. As someone who had always been super skinny, this was a shock not just to me but those that had known me for years! There were nicknames…porkchop, boolie (when your boobs and belly run into each other)..but I was able to laugh about it. I knew how I got there. It did not happen overnight, and it wasn’t going to go away quickly. When I did decide to lose the weight, it was easy. Just quit eating crap!! The number on the scale dropped so effortlessly rumors flew that I had an eating disorder. Apparently they forgot how damn small I was when I came to college. Being a size 10 was not my “norm”.

Happy Birthday to Me.

For the next 10 years, I stayed about the same size or smaller depending on what was stressing me out…breakups, wedding, life. When I was broke and living in Kentucky, I lived off $.89 Totino party pizzas and walked Day-Z in the neighborhood for FREE fun. A little exercise went a long way. After moving back to Mississippi, I joined a gym and actually started working out consistently and continue eating junk.

Then it happened…

I turned 30!

I had Radley (3 weeks before my 30th birthday) and within a week had lost all of my baby weight (I know. I hate me TOO.) There was no secret formula except maybe breastfeeding. Again, it seemed so easy. Then I celebrated 30 years on this Earth and it got HARD almost immediately! I could no longer eat whatever I wanted, workout if I FELT like it (which I NEVER did), and not pack on the pounds. Things had to change. So I started working out at least once a week. That didn’t work, so I begrudgingly increased to twice a week. Miracle of all miracles happened…I starting LIKING the gym!!


No more excuses.

2 years ago I was looking for a new challenge. My cousin-in-law Angela posted on Facebook about a 21-day workout and meal planning program, and I was intrigued! Even though I’d begun to enjoy breaking a sweat, I still struggled with consistency. When she said it was ONLY a 21 day commitment, I thought I can do that!! And so began my love affair with Beachbody.  I’ve danced, lifted weights, found my zen and kicked MMA butt, and there are STILL programs I have not tried yet. I am NOT a coach, so while this sounds like an infomercial, I am not trying to sell you anything. I gain NOTHING from you giving it a whirl except your undying love and praise when you start feeling GREAT again. If I can stick with it, you KNOW it must be worth it! Being able to follow a calendar and do the workouts at home, keeps me on track especially with my crazy schedule. Even when I was in hotels for work, I could find enough space to crank out a 30 min sweat sesh.

The proof is in the picture!!! I am NOT comfortable posting progress pics so this is as much as I will share publicly*. But trust me it is worth it.

*While exercising has made me feel good and have more confidence, it is still not easy to be so transparent and exposed.

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