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Lent what?

Over the last few days, I have heard many discussions about the upcoming Lenten season. It seems that Lent means something different to everyone. Growing up Catholic, it has always been a part of my family. But truth be told, aside from it starts on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter Sunday, I know very little about it. The older I got, the more questions I received from my non-Catholic friends…does everyone give something up? Are Sundays really a ‘cheat’ day? Why can you eat fish on Fridays but not meat? After 30+ years and a Catholic education, I STILL don’t have the answers. I am starting to realize why. (Google it…lots of conflicting information)

DC? Not me!

Much like new year resolutions, I welcome the chance to focus on myself and work to change bad habits or create good ones. As many of you can relate, Diet Cokes were my drug of choice. I didn’t drink coffee, so DC fueled my days and nights. Each Lent I would white knuckle it for 40 days and 40 nights (really 46 days apparently). On the way home from church, before the Easter egg hunt and a yummy family lunch, I would swing through McDonald’s and get the biggest of the biggie sized Diet Coke.

Peace, DC!

I no longer NEED this period of time. I broke the chains a few years ago, and I RARELY drink the artificially sweetened brown syrup!! So on the eve of another Lenten season, I have a new reflection.

I got your back, jack.

Tomorrow I embark on the next chapter in my book of careers. As I confessed in a previous post, there are 3 areas in which my Kelly’s Kwitters moniker does not accurately define me…relationships, clothes and jobs. I’ve been blessed that even through the trials of 3 company layoffs, a better opportunity came knocking. Not only have I grown professionally with each addition to my résumé, but the lessons I learned and the friends I met made me a stronger person and teammate. The first time I was given the pink slip, it was devastating!! My father taught me loyalty and watching him run a business my entire life, I have seen him struggle doing what is best versus what is easy. With much reflection, I resigned myself to the fact that business decisions were made and it was not personal. Fortunately (or not) each time it has gotten easier.

3rd Time’s the charm

4 months ago I faced a path I had seen 2 times before. This was the first time I felt prepared. I saw the writing on the wall, but the day I got the official heave-ho, it hurt. So as a box of Girl Scout cookies put the FAT in my Tuesday, I commit to facing this new journey the way I have many Lenten seasons in the past..with focus, determination and maybe a few white knuckles.

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