I can’t wear yoga pants to work??

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Last month I went from living in yoga pants to living out of a suitcase! That can only mean one thing, right?? This chick got a job!

Kwitters and chill.

I wish that it was possible to enjoy being unemployed and not waste the time freaking out about the next step. When else do you get a paycheck and don’t have to punch a clock? Not the time clock, but your actual alarm clock when it blares in your ear at just the moment you finally fall asleep!

Don’t call it a comeback.

When I listened to that fateful conference call back in October, I wasn’t surprised to hear I was being let go. For months leading up to it, I had done the math and the sustainability of my territory just didn’t fit in the equation. Too much had happened with the market and WAY too much had happened with my product…And it was only getting worse. I won’t lie though, I did shed a tear.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

I was unhappy before I got canned and didn’t feel stable about the future, but I was good at my job and felt comfortable doing it. Being pushed off the sinking ship was the only way I was going to start over. But change is SCARY! Not knowing when I would get another job, or even IF I would get one, terrified me. There are mouths to feed and schools to pay for.

Hustle and Flow.

I cruised the web and applied for what appeared to be perfect positions, but I allowed myself to get through the holidays before I started stressing. Once the new year began, so did my hustle. I expanded my job searches, revamped my resume, and got focused. Did I want to stay in the field that I knew? Was I ready for a career shift? What WAS I looking for??

Unanswered prayers.

I didn’t have the answers to those questions, but apparently the universe did!! I found an opportunity that I didn’t even know existed. It actually combines ALL of the career experiences on my fancy new resume, and it checks the boxes that I KNEW I wanted or better yet, DIDN’T want. Over the last few weeks, I have seen former coworkers grapple with what is next for them. Will they have a job tomorrow? Is there another big layoff around the corner? I have prayed with friends at other companies who faced the same dreaded call. Some survived and some find themselves on the internet job sites I became VERY familiar with for 4 months.

Listen to your Motha!

During my mom’s pep talk after I got the pink slip, she reminded me that while I have faced this fate before, I always landed on my feet. The next step was always a bigger and better one, and she had FAITH this time would be no different. Turns out mom was right! No surprise there. She is legit ALWAYS right! Just ask her.


CHEERS to new beginnings and the uncertainty that follows! I am no stranger to fresh starts and exciting challenges, so no matter where this path takes me, it will bring life lessons and a new chapter for my book.

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