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Weepy Willow

Watching friends, family and even perfect strangers succeed after hours, days or years of hard work makes these dry eyes drip. Don’t get me wrong, I DO love drama! Reality TV like the Bachelor is my guilty pleasure without the guilt; however Monday nights during Dancing with the Stars, I sit in bed with Pinot, a perma-grin and cry like a damn fool. There is nothing better than witnessing surprise success and the process it takes to perform each week. Gets me EVERY TIME!


When I “graduated” from 6th grade, it was time to move on to a different school. Because I only knew a few people when I walked into those daunting Junior High halls, it was scary and felt like starting over. I don’t remember the moment or the day or even the month I met the girls that became my life for the next 6 years…it seems like they had always been there. We went through a lot during that time and it was far from perfect. But the memories of those friends (my guy friends too) add to the smile lines on my face that get deeper with each passing day.

Bearing sorrow, havin’ fun.

My second momma, Melissa, used to tell me that she knew exactly what year a song was popular. What? How?! I thought she was nuts! NOW I get it. It transported her to a particular time…a school dance, riding in the car with friends, or just jamming to the radio in her room. When Gregg Allman died, I spent the next few days with my favorite Allman Brothers songs on repeat. With every note, word and riff on the guitar, I was instantly back to some of the greatest times in my life…watching my guy friends’ band practice in “the music room”, playing at the coffeehouse or sitting around the pool at yet another house party. We didn’t have huge parties when our parents went out of town. Our group enjoyed chilling with each other, chatting and listening to music. I learned more about life on those nights than in any classroom my parents paid good money for me to attend. Surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you and infinitely more talented is my greatest advice to the next generation. Sit, listen and ask questions. Those kids taught me the world.

Dear Diary,

If I had a kept a diary in those days, the people in those stories written wouldn’t even resemble who they are today. Those that I knew would go on to greatness DID and far exceeded success. And those that may have had many erased question marks are making different marks along their own path and kicking ass with each new adventure. Before you think I am throwing my friends under the bus, I can assure you I would have more marks than anyone!! We may have gone our separate ways, but I will always proudly call them my friends.

And then there are those that I still have a front row seat to their performances.

Kim Deal

I remember when my friend Kimme would come visit me after I had Rad, and she would always ask what sweet treat she should could make us. That fiery red hair would bebop into the house and spoil any chance I had of getting the baby weight off, but with one bite I didn’t care because YUM!!! I don’t know if that is when her cooking prowess began or grew or if she had been secretly whipping up stuff for years; I was just happy that Jackson was a pit stop on her way to Greenwood.

As with all great stories of triumph, I get weepy. Probably more so with her, because I lived it. Maybe not every fall, failure, tear or heartbreak, but I have shared enough Bud Lights with Kimme to FEEL her success.

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Drink.

There are plenty of articles written about Delta Supper Club that do it greater justice than I can, so I encourage you to read up. Look at the FABULOUS pictures done by the one and only Tate K. Nations. And if you are ever able to attend GO! (there is one coming up in JULY) It is by far some of the greatest, most unique, and deliciously fabulous nights of my life. (I could use those same adjectives to describe Kimme!) I have gotten there early, stayed late and STILL can’t figure out how they get it all done. Cheers to you my friend!

To every friend I have had along the way, THANK YOU!

And to the ones that are still with me…I must have done something right in a previous life, because lord knows I don’t deserve you in this one!


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