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Resolutions for 2019

  • Think Less-don’t overanalyze everything
  • Have FUN!-this requires thinking less
  • Stay Positive-CHOOSE happiness
  • Be Present-REAL beautiful moments happen quickly and we miss it if we are stuck in the fantasy world on our phones.
  • Live in the moment-soak in the great life God has given you and don’t worry about The Plan. Let it happen.
  • Be Healthy-physically and mentally
  • Build Strength
  • Write More
  • Go on Adventures-say YES more! There is way too much fun in life to not LIVE. (see also THINK LESS)
  • Lead with Kindness-don’t be taken advantage of but remember that we all struggle in our own ways. A simple act of kindness has a ripple effect and can change the world.

Even Cleo Couldn’t Have Predicted

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These are legit the resolutions that I wrote New Year’s Day after closing the chapter of 2018 with some beautiful friends, both old and new. There is no way I could have predicted how this year would end, and while I am not sad to see it fade in the rearview mirror, I cannot help but reflect on the beauty amongst the pain.

Beautiful Crazy

I went on a silent retreat and learned to meditate. What?? Me silent?? It was the perfect weekend for my mind and soul. And I got to share the experience with my oldest friend whom I have known since 1st grade. Thank you Jen for making me go! Let your Soulshine.

I met some AMAZING new friends, reconnected with old, and was reminded how happy GOOD company makes me feel. (in doses…I am still an introvert) Sharing a meal and a bottle of wine with lots of laughs and easy conversation is nourishment. And this year there was no shortage of LAUGHTER. Those moments are what I will remember!

I had the best job that I have ever had for 2 months! Working at a restaurant is DEFINITELY something everyone should do. I don’t know that I needed more compassion (my bleeding heart already tips more than I have in my account) but trying to make as few mistakes in a fast paced environment would soften even the grinchiest of hearts. I will never be able to repay my friend Nick for offering me the life changing opportunity. It both humbled me and gave me confidence of which I was desperately depleted. I miss those faces who smiled at me everyday and the sometimes inappropriate hugs or comments that followed.

My tennis team made it to the state tournament and while we did not bring home the title, WE KICKED ASS! Love that group of ladies.

I took random trips to fun places with fabulous friends and already have plans to do more in the new year!

There are so many more highlights from the year that outshine the darkness, but these are the top that light my way to 2019. I would say based on those, I am off to a pretty good start with my new year resolutions!


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